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Let's Create!

You need a brand that represents who you are and where you are going. One big enough to hold you through the next phase of your career.

Soul Camp Creative creates & designs innovative, soulful brands for businesses in the transformational & empowerment space. We mix strategy and heart, science and art, practicality and magic. Emotions drive human to take action and we craft your impactful online presence and programs to elicit the emotion that you naturally bring out in your clientele.

The Brand Breakthrough

This session will thoroughly define who you are, who you’re for, and what you mean to them. Our bestseller, you will walk away with both clarity and your comprehensive brand plan. If you hire Soul Camp Creative for anything, let it be this.

Brand Investment: starting at $1,950


  • 2-hour intensive with a Soul Camp strategist
  • Comprehensive brand strategy document with key brand components:
    • Brand or product name
    • Tagline
    • Opt-in Offer
    • Website copy outline
    • Target demographic(s) & who you are to them
    • Brand vocabulary & hashtag
    • Programs & offerings outline
    • Full homepage copy
    • Photography style
    • Look & feel
    • Social media strategy
  • Full proposal outlining all next steps for brand
  • 30-minute follow-up call with Michelle Garside

let’s breakthrough


If you are ready to dive in, click here to email us and we will be in touch immediately with information on how to schedule your breakthrough.

Is it for me?

If you think this may be helpful for you but you are unsure, click here to schedule a 20-minute consult with Michelle. We promise to tell you the truth and we are not afraid to let you know if this breakthrough isn’t right for you.

“I came to Michelle feeling scattered, confused and not knowing how to incorporate all of me to best serve my clients. She immediately identified exactly who I am, what I’m good at, and how I’m meant to showcase that to the world so that my business is the truest expression of me. There are no words in the English language to appropriate capture Michelle’s gift for seeing people. No one else has been able to do that for me before.”
— Julie Santiago
Author of Awaken and Guide at www.juliesantiago.com
The Brand Creation

Your visual identity is the most integral component of your brand as this is how people will remember you. Think the Nike swoosh, the Apple apple, the Starbucks green lady. These companies have done their job well since you instantly visualize them in your mind. Symbols speak to the unconscious, and logos connect people to a brand without even needing words.

Your visual identity must be impactful and conjure the feeling of the entire brand. The fonts that you select, the color choices you make, the boldness and styles used are all important and create the essence of the brand itself. Anyone can design a pretty logo but we specialize in infusing your essence into your identity so it perfectly captures who you are and what you do. We make it fun and easy!

Brand Investment: Two payments of $3,250


  • 30-minute Brand Essence Exploration Session
  • Moodboard (3 rounds)
  • Logo (3 rounds)
  • Comprehensive brand guidelines with fonts, brand colors, textures, photography style & logo variations

let’s create


Before we dive in and create your visual identity, you must have a solid brand message. Let’s hop on the phone to see if we are a good fit, if you like the way we work and if you are ready to create your visual identity. Email us to schedule a free consultation!

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The Brand Realization

From concept to realization, our Brand Realization package takes your brand from idea to launch, with everything in between. Not only do we create the perfect reflection of your message and craft a beautiful online presence for you that will last you years (we are all about sustainability), you will also receive our strategic guidance, support and input every step of the way. After creating our own soulful brand & community and working with best-selling authors in this field, we know what works and what doesn’t. The process is fun, easy, collaborative and a little bit magical.

Brand Investment: Varies depending on breadth of the project as our packages are completely custom to you and your needs. Schedule a chat if you want to get an estimate for your brand’s needs!

Can include:

  • 30-minute Brand Essence Exploration Session
  • The Brand Creation package (moodboards, logo, brand guidelines)
  • Custom 8-page website design
  • Custom 8-page WordPress development
  • Copywriting of full website & all marketing materials
  • Branded Opt-In Offer Full marketing materials package which might include:
    • Business card
    • Affirmation card deck
    • Postcard flier leave behind
    • eBlast banner
    • Social media templates
    • Branded social media graphics and banners
    • Branded Word documents & PowerPoint slide decks

let’s realize


Before we dive in and create your full brand presence, you must have a solid brand message. Let’s hop on the phone to see if we are a good fit since we will be working closely together, to make sure you like the way we work and answer any questions you might have. Email us to schedule a free consultation!

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Brand Camp

Connect with a forward-thinking, inspiring community supporting you in all the ways as you bring your dream business project to life. Learn how to brand yourself authentically so that you can evolve and recreate your business on your own terms. Receive 360 degree support and advice from branding experts in different fields, mindset and prosperity coaches, and energy healers. Get away on a restorative week-long adventure where you fill up, take soulful steps on your vision, meet new best friends and colleagues, and walk away with your brand plan in action.

A membership program that concludes with, you guessed it…CAMP!! The Brand Camp Membership is coming. Get on the list for our beta launch.

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ONLY 5 steps to creating your dream brand

The five foundations you must have in place to create a Soulful, Magnetic, Authentic, Resounding, ThrivinG BRAND.

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