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As CEO of the Ford Institute, Kelley works with women, men & couples who are feeling stuck in their lives. They are ready to break through their own limitations to live an extraordinary life. On the outside, it may look like they have it all together – the money, the career, the relationship, the body – but inside, they are in a struggle against them-selves. They look to feel fierce in their lives, and you help them find the fierce confidence within themselves to do just that.

“When I came to Soul Camp Creative, I was a new author soon to be releasing my first book. I had been an attorney, a master Integrative life coach, led workshops and trainings, and was CEO of The Ford Institute. I knew what I did, what my “gifts” were, what my message was, and my area of expertise but I had no idea who I was in terms of a brand or what it was that I had that other people would want.

The minute I walked into my first in-person meeting with Ali and Michelle for my branding session, they got me. I must say their insights were laser sharp! They saw me in a way that made me feel a
bit naked, but resonated with what I knew to be true deep inside.

In the few hours we sat in our branding session, they knocked out a plan, roadmap and many ahas, that left me feeling empowered and excited. I then worked with them on creating my logo and website and they were just as effective, and efficient. A stickler for detail and design, they showed tremendous patience, professionalism, and persistence. Understanding my vibe and knowing it had to feel in alignment with my energy, they did an amazing job in creating something that I could be proud of. Working with Soul Camp Creative was eye-opening. They truly taught me that who I had become as a result of these modalities – that my sizzle and spice were something people wanted more of. Understanding this, seeing myself as a brand and using that as my point of reference in everything I do, has been a game changer. Ali and Michele put their heart into what they do, and have incredible integrity.

Working with them you get more than just a great branding and design company, but you get two fabulous creatives who are always thinking on your behalf, and doing what they can to support your growth. They become a welcome, trusted and respected part of your team!”

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