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Julie Reisler: Life Designer
Brand strategy / logo / website / collateral
Helps women to uncover, discover & create their truest self. Helps clear away all of the blocks, masks and stories that stand in the way of your you-est you. Helps them find peace, relief and fulfillment in who they are at their core.

“Before reaching out to Soul Camp Creative, my branding was decent but not as coherent, clear and engaging as I wanted it to be. It was very frustrating because I felt in tune with my purpose and passion but I couldn’t identify exactly why it wasn’t the best representation of me. Both Michelle and Ali use their expertise, brilliance, experience and background alongside their deep intuition. It was really important to me to get the essence of who I am and to translate that visually and with words, copy and feel. Ali and Michelle both know how to do that like no one else!

Besides the joyful and fun process, my career literally catapulted the week I launched… call it great timing or synchronicity, but it was a game changer to have a website, copy and brand that allows me to move into the direction of my vision and dreams.

Right away I received incredible feedback about how beautiful, well designed and well written it was. I have had the blessing of speaking on many stages, including 2 TEDx talks 2 months after I launched, and had the podcast guests of my dreams that I don’t think would be possible without my website. I not only feel proud to share it with potential clients and my community, but I also feel it is a beautiful representation of my most authentic self, my me-est me, and allows for my expansion and growing platform. I’m beyond grateful that I listened to my intuition and hired SCC to co-create my website and brand.”

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