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HelloPalate introduces clients’ tastebuds to a nourishing, properly prepared, ethically sourced, ancestral whole-food lifestyle meant to delight their senses and satisfy their cravings.

“I felt alone in trying to create a powerful marketing campaign that gave life to an identity that didn’t yet. That feeling was over when Michelle helped me get out of my own head. The team helped me focus and move the project to completion with complete trust in the creation process.

The moment I met Michelle, I knew everything changed. Like a skilled chef in a kitchen, she took my core values of my brand, deciphered, expanded, edited them and then served me up the recipe that delivered my business plan and objectives.

I now get to enjoying the many reviews from satisfied clients and I appreciate the timeless design of my website. I am now able to work from a solid foundation to fly on!”
—Michelle Pesce Goldfarb

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